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The Challenge

ETF Securities is gearing up for its biggest launch yet – 3 new thematic ETFs focused on giving investors access to future megatrends. With a locked Aug 31st launch and the brief provided a week prior, the team collaborated closely with ETFS to create a landing page strategy optimised to convert, and with stunning design and copy to produce ETF Securities’ best launch to date.

See the landing page created here

Our Approach


With the team briefed on the project on the 25th of August, Visual Metrics was able to output a working landing page in less than 48 hours. The platform has been further refined in time for launch, and served as a one-stop resource to access all relevant info about the new products.


The site has been configured to drive user engagement and action, with several resources available to inform the investor on relevant information for the Megatrend ETFs. All these CTAs have been fully integrated with analytic tracking, expertly utilising GA & GTM to measure conversions.

Result Highlights

  • OUTPERFORMING COMPETITION – The launch is now ETF Securities’ best product release to date. With the first of the three megatrend ETFs (SEMI) garnering 5.2M AUD in traded value in its first day, twice higher than the nearest competition.

  • RECORD LAUNCH IN 10 DAYS – Within the first 10 days, it has already outperformed previous ETF launches’ volume in their first month – at 14.8M AUD in traded volume for SEMI in the first 10 days, versus 10.1M AUD in TECH and 8.8M in ROBO in their first month.

  • 40% HIGHER CONVERSION RATE – Outstanding ETF product performance reflects from a fantastic conversion rate with the new landing page – with initial view of conversions resulting to a rate that’s 40% higher than that of previous launches.