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We will recommend the best approach to your advertising with end-to-end management of digital campaigns and platforms – from keyword research, ideation, design, deployment, and monitoring.



Allow us to find what customers are interested in, and what content is relevant to them, and we will ensure your business will have the content ready at the time they need you most.





If you’re looking to revamp your brand, or start completely from a blank slate -we can help you define your brand look & feel, including logos, layout style-guide, and various templates or marketing collaterals.


Website & SEO

Your website is where potential clients would make their first impression of you. Let our team ensure the experience is seamless –from sign-ups  to ensuring your site is search-optimized.

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Our leadership brings together over 65 years of experience in consulting, technology and innovation to enable clients to reduce their time to value and de-risk delivery of outcomes.

Alex Herlihy
Alex Herlihy
Managing Partner

MSc in Professional Accounting

BSc in International Commerce and Politics

Wessel van Keulen
Chief Growth Officer

BSc in Business Information & Technology BSc in Computer Science


Jedo Enriquez
Digital Marketing Manager

Master of Data Science and Innovation BSc in Business Administration & Accountancy

Rosie Dzan
Rosie Dzan
Marketing and Delivery Manager

Bachelor of Communication and Media



A digital marketing agency develops digital strategies, manages & creates advertising content across key digital platforms to enhance your brand’s image and create value for your customers. Whether it be on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat or Tik Tok, digital advertising is the future of marketing and is an important tool for companies to utilise.


Amplify takes this to the next level by fully and truly utilising data to inform every decision, so you’re assured that ever investment provides you the right returns to unlock new business opportunities and scale-ups.

We work with varying budgets to cater campaign structures to your desired spend. We can start with whatever your initial budget is for a month, and just expand the investment once we see a good return or ROI. Contact us for more information.

There are various forms of digital marketing that can be used to boldly assert your brand into the market. Some of the categories of digital marketing include; Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Digital Advertising and Content Marketing. To see some of these examples in action, head on over to ‘Our Work’ tab and see real results from our most recent campaigns.

Just like any other form of marketing, taking a step by step process is the best way to achieve great results on social media. By starting with a clear goal and a well researched target audience you can tailor content to your potential consumers. Be imaginative and creative with your posts so that you can generate a buzz around your brand. Be sure to assess your engagement and make changes to increase optimization. Don’t be afraid to be different!

It largely depends on your brand and the target audience you cater to. Each platform has its own unique qualities that help build a positive brand image. Determine your audience, and engage with the platforms they like to use the most!

Social media marketing is extremely important for businesses as having a digital presence is the best way to increase your sales and develop your brand image. To get your business started on social media, or to get assistance on your social media management, get in touch with one of our strategists today.

Absolutely. Facebook allows you to reach billions of it’s users through publishing creative and engaging advertisements. It has fantastic analytics tools that will allow your business to meet its objectives and engage your target audience. At Amplify, we believe that with the right analytic tools and the relevant data, we can scale Facebook Ads that are battle-tested to be profitable for your business.

The cost for Facebook ads will vary depending on your objectives and chosen bidding model. For cost-per-click, the average will be a spend of $0.97 per click, cost-per like is $1.07, cost-per thousand impressions is $7.19 and cost-per download is $5.47. If you want to add a new dimension to your business and launch Facebook ads get in touch with us today.

Option 1:

Let us do the hard work for you. Our facebook ads experts know all the tricks in the trade and will save you the hassle of working with the facebook ads system.

Option 2:

Facebook Ads manager will become your new best friend. By creating an account and stepping through the number of tools and functions provided you will have your advertisement running in no time.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and is the process of optimising content to ensure that your webpage appears at the top of a relevant Google search. To get the most out of SEO, your content needs to capture the most frequently searched keywords which will improve your position in the search rankings.

Depending on your budget and technology capability this could be a great way to improve your rankings by doing it yourself. By reading through some top SEO sources like Search Engine Land, SEO Round Table or Moz you can navigate your way through the SEO process. However, this may not be for you. If you are time poor or would like help navigating the many facets of SEO then get in touch with us today to talk through your options.

Yes, you won’t find any website on page one of your Google search that has not had some form of SEO undertaken. This includes on-page work, link building or any number of other optimisations. It is more important than ever in today’s growing digital economy to have a strong online presence, making it as easy as possible for your customers to find you online.

PPC stands for pay-per click. This is a model utilised to drive traffic mainly to your website. There are a myriad of channels that utilise the PPC model - namely Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and such. All of these are within Amplify’s suite of data-driven marketing tools - so contact us today to learn more.

Under the PPC model an advertiser pays a fee each time a person clicks on your advertisement. Google uses a bidding system to determine the ranking of your ads which will have an impact on the number of clicks it receives. This ensures that you only pay for the relevant engagement that you get from your ad.

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